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    Day 1

    3 km
    Apart-hotel Naumov Lubyanka
    18:001 hrHotels

    Apart-hotel Naumov Lubyanka

    A modern three-star hotel in the historical center of Moscow. The main sights can be easily reached on foot.
    560 m7 min
    Pasta & Basta
    19:101 hr 30 min

    Pasta & Basta

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    A few minutes from the hotel you will find a fine Italian restaurant. Pleasant atmosphere, prices are standard and a great selection of wine.
    333 m5 min
    20:4510 min

    Тургеневская площадь

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    After dinner, take a short walk around the area. Let's start our way on Chistoprudniy Boulevard.
    This is the largest boulevard in the area and the second longest (after Tver) on the Boulevard Ring.
    During the XIX century, the building of the boulevard was clearly divided - the inner side was built up by two-story houses belonging to different departments (in the middle of the XIX century, two houses belonged to colonels and one - to a merchant), external - one-story houses more victorious. At the end of the century, the boulevard is built up with three-four-story apartment houses; In 1945-1952, most of these houses were built up to six or seven floors with the preservation of a common architectural appearance.
    618 m10 min
    21:055 min

    Clean Ponds (Чистые пруды)

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    The area occupied by Chistoprudniy Boulevard is known from the 16th century, when slaughterhouses were located here - "Zhivotinniy Dvor", later "Gosudarev Battle Courtyard". Meat trade gave the name of the adjacent Myasnitskaya street, and its waste, dumped in the nearest marsh - "Poganomu pond". A stream ran out of the marsh, Rachka flowing to the south and flowing into the Moscow River near the Upbringing House.
    Count Alexander Danilovich Menshikov, who bought a site on Myasnitskaya Street, in 1703 ordered to clean the pond, polluted with the waste of meat trade, which since then began to be called Clean. The use of the name was Chistye Prudy, although the pond is currently only one.
    334 m5 min
    I Like Wine
    21:451 hr

    I Like Wine

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    A small wine bar on Pokrovka Street. A rich choice of alcohol and delicious cuisine. Be sure to try seafood.
    The place is very popular, therefore it is better to book a table in advance.
    Day 2
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