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    22 km
    Nissan Juke
    18:0030 min

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    16.2 km25 min
    Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel GL
    19:001 hrHotels

    Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel GL

    To discover the soul of Barcelona, the best thing is to merge with its people, its streets, its markets and its beautiful neighborhoods, each with its own personality.
    City of a Thousand Faces - Barcelona is a meeting place for tourists, Barcelonans and natives. A riot of colors, tastes and smells with a wide variety of services and cultural offerings for a vacation that never ends.
    The fantastic location of the Grand Marina Hotel, which is 2 minutes from the Columbus monument, offers you the opportunity to discover a whole world of tourist, cultural and commercial offers.
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    3.2 km20 min
    20:301 hr 30 min

    El Xampanyet

    Tapas Restaurant
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    Order champagne and take any tapas, sit down and soak up the atmosphere of Spain!
    The restaurant is closed on Mondays, Tuesday through Saturday from noon until 15:30, then after the break from 19:00 until 23:00. On Sundays it is open from noon to 15:30.
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