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  • Road Trip Guides are travel guides designed to let you take a road trip effortlessly. Guides include detailed itineraries, recommended places to stay, and restaurants, saving you time on travel planning. Travel experts create guides to provide the best thematic travel experiences that fit your interest in a specific category. Guides do not include in-person travel curation, but you can customise the itinerary using a trip planning tool.

  • Touring Club Switzerland partnered with Road.Travel and created a catalogue with curated for self-guided road trips . Explore numerous travel guides all over the world and travel any time you want, following the routes recommended by TCS. Two travel guides are free to explore and can be found here.

  • You are free to select any dates you like. With some travel guides, the trip has seasonal limitations. Take this into consideration when planning your next road trip.

  • Yes, of course! We have created a number of travel guides worldwide that are adapted to the needs of the youngest travellers. With some Road Trip Guides, the trip has seasonal limitations. Take this into consideration when planning your next road trip. You can find all the family-friendly travel guides here.

  • Currently, there are 27 Road Trip Guides in the catalogue all over the world, including Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Norway, the UK, and the USA. Our Road Trip Guides offer various kinds of road trips, whether you would like to spend time outside of the city, explore historical locations, go on a casual trip, or travel with your family.

    We are constantly enriching the platform and developing more travel guides to cover as many travel destinations as possible. If you have some specific travel destination in mind that we haven’t covered yet, feel free to reach out to us via the contact form here.

Road Trip Guides

  • Each Road Trip Guide contains a detailed itinerary for each day of your road trip: landmarks, museums, sights in nature, wineries, cafés, restaurants, and hotels for overnight stays – complemented by the author’s story and practical information required for a self-guided trip. Road Trip Guides are built to save you time when trip planning. Each day in the itinerary is designed to give you the ultimate road trip experience, without stress or rush. Press “Start Driving” and enjoy!

  • Click the “Start Driving” button in the top right corner of the travel guide’s page to launch driving mode. If you are on desktop, scan a QR code to get the travel guide on your mobile device. When driving mode is launched on your mobile device, each place in the travel guide will have a “Send to Navigation” button. Click it and choose your preferred navigation app on your smartphone.

  • Each Road Trip Guide is created by local experts who know the area well, have wide experience in planning road trips, and are trusted by TCS.

  • Each location in every travel guide is verified regularly by contacting the representatives and getting all the required information about the visit. Please note that we cannot guarantee every detail – something might change at the time of your travel due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • No, you can choose any location where you would like to navigate next. Although, please note that we recommend visiting all the places in the order recommended. Don’t worry! We have already checked the parking situation, included the places to eat, and taken into consideration the driving time from one place to another.

  • You can find information about traffic regulations, as well as other travel information about various travel destinations, via this link

  • TCS has a car rental platform that allows you to compare offers from different car rental companies all over the world. If you are a TCS member, don’t forget to enter your TCS membership number to receive a discount.

  • Each hotel in the travel guides has a link to or the official hotel website, where you can request availability and prices.

  • Each location that might require booking in advance contains official contact details inside the travel guide, including phone number, website, and working hours.

  • No, unfortunately you cannot edit the Road Trip Guide within the platform. However, you can create your own Road Trip Guide from scratch.

  • Top of a route’s page

    1. Change the language of the website.
    2. Share the route via link or on social media.
    3. Start the step-by-step guidance on a mobile device.

    Day overview Day number | Total driving distance | Total walking distance.

    Itinerary event

    1. The duration and the length of driving or walking from the previous place.
    2. The start time and the duration of the visit according to the itinerary.

TCS Roadtravel subscription & individual travel guides

  • The subscription gives you access to all adaptive travel guides available on the platform, and its features. You can save travel guides to your profile and use them anytime you want to take a road trip.

  • With the purchase of an individual travel guide, you get access to this single travel guide and all features of the platform within it. This travel guide becomes available in your profile and can be accessed at any time.

  • Subscription to the Road Trip Guide Catalogue is for 1 year with automatic renewal.

  • The subscription is for 365 days with automatic yearly renewal. The subscription starts right after you purchase it on the platform.

  • The access to individually purchased travel guides starts right after payment and stays in your profile forever.

  • TCS Roadtravel subscription includes access to the whole collection of travel guides worldwide, full functionality of the platform, personal profile on the platform and all future content updates.

  • Subscription to the Road Trip Guide Catalogue costs 50 CHF per year. All TCS members get a 40% discount for the subscription. If you have an active TCS membership, the subscription will cost 30 CHF per year.

  • In order to get a discount for TCS members, you will need to enter your TCS membership number when signing up. Please note that you should enter the same information as in your TCS account (e.g. First name, last name, email address, etc). If your discount isn't applied or you forgot to add your TCS membership number, please contact our support team via our contact form.

  • Subscribers have access to all travel guides available on TCS Roadtravel at the time of subscription purchase, and to all new travel guides that will be published in future, as long as the subscription remains active.

  • You cannot download a travel guide, but it’s saved in your profile that is accessible from any device via a web browser.

  • You can find your saved travel guide in your profile after your subscription expires, but you won’t have full access to its content and features until the subscription is renewed.

  • You can cancel your subscription in your profile. Go to My Profile. Then open the “Purchases” tab, where you can see your active subscription. Click “Cancel Subscription”. Please note that your subscription will remain active until the end of the paid period.

  • If you want to delete your profile, please contact us via email:

  • As soon as you purchase a subscription, you will have access to all the travel guides available on the platform. In case you do not renew your subscription, any individually purchased travel guide will still be available for you in your profile.

  • Now there are 27 Road Trip Guides in the catalogue all over the world. We plan to publish more regularly and add new countries to the list. All future travel guides will be available in the same subscription as long as it stays active.

  • The entire catalogue of travel guides will be available to you with your active subscription. New trips will be given visual priority on the website.

  • We plan to continuously update the catalogue of travel guides, adding more countries and types for various travel seasons.

  • You will see new travel guides appear on the platform’s main page and in the countries list. We will also share updates via email if you give us your consent to receive these emails from us when you sign up on the platform. In addition, follow TCS on social media to stay updated!

How to create your own Road Trip Guide

  • You can create your own Road Trip Guide in your profile

    1. Go to the “My Routes” tab. Click on “Create Your Route”

    2. Choose the city you want to start your road trip in. Choose the duration of your road trip.

    3. You can attach a photo for your trip and add the name and description.

    4. Press "Add New Event" and choose a location you would like to add.

    5. You can add as many locations to your road trip as you want. After you are done, click “Finish Editing” in the top right corner.

    6. The route is saved. If you want to continue editing, press “Edit Itinerary” in the top right corner.

    7. You can find all your Road Trip Guides in your profile.

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